The difference between PEF and PEF 2.0 explained

When explaining the PurePulse method the term PEF 2.0 is often used. This is the improved version of PEF. But what is that difference exactly? Let us explain:

The 1st generation PEF works with a pulsed electric field at a high frequency. In this process the treated product is heated up to 60°C or even 70°C. This makes the impact on the product similar to regular pasteurization or hot fill: a long shelf life, but only very limited quality gains in terms of taste and nutrient retention. A minor benefit, and that is why this PEF method was never fully embraced by the food industry.

Cool Wave Processing has solved this problem by developing PEF 2.0. The pulse frequency used by PEF 2.0 is much lower, as a result of which the temperature of the product does not exceed 40°C to 45°C.

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