Raw milk food safe with PurePulse

There is an increasing interest in raw milk because of health benefits and the intense and full flavour. Currently, the PurePulse technology is used for treating fresh juices. But at Cool Wave Processing we are also very interested in the possibilities with raw milk. Treating raw milk with PurePulse ensures that all harmful organisms that are naturally found in raw milk, will be disabled. Moreover, the original flavour and nutrients are substantially retained. This is a breakthrough as it offers the opportunity to make fresh raw milk available on a larger scale and in a safe way, as this is a major issue. Research into the optimal process parameters for treating raw milk is still on going. However, CWP is already looking at the potential market and consumer acceptance of raw milk treated with PurePulse and the legal framework. Currently we are working together with other parties on a consortium to market raw milk. The plan is that in 2015 the first products will be available on the market.

Read more about the second generation Pulsed Electric Field PurePulse

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