Market of raw juices continues to growth

The rise of health juices that help to reset or detox the body is enormous. More and more new and existing juice producers choose to produce healthy, raw juices. The method of extraction is crucial. This is evident since the sales of our ColdPress presses are on a rise. The presses seem to be popular with small-scale producers, who focus on healthy and honest products. That is why we offer both large presses for large-scale production as very compact and easy to operate machines, such as the CP01. The young Dutch company Greenz Love makes healthy juices based on fruit and vegetables. The company emphasizes on the extraction technology cold pressing, because that makes it so healthy. There is no heat involved with cold pressing. The result is a pure juice: it does contain all the goodness of the fruit and / or vegetables, but no unwanted components that cause taste abnormalities and accelerated oxidation. Therefore Greenz Love selected the CP01 juice press of ColdPresses. Menno Bernard, managing director Greenz Love: ‘our goal is to conquer the Netherlands and then the rest of Europe with our healthy and delicious juices. With the compact and flexible CP01 we can quickly respond to the needs of our consumer, which is essential in this rapidly emerging market.’

Read more about the press principle of our ColdPresses coldpressing equipment.

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