Coldpressing facility for fruit and vegetable juices in The Netherlands

Producers of fruit and vegetable juices that are interested in producing fresh, cold pressed juices, but want to test first, can come to the cold press pilot facility at TOP bv in Wageningen. Here, producers can perform tests to find out which pressing method is most suitable for their juices. The demand for healthy juices is increasing and coldpressing is the best way to preserve the healthy nutrients in fresh juices.

The cold presses of TOP b.v. are of course also part of this pilot facility. CoolWave Processing has made arrangements with TOP to make different industrial pressing techniques available. For example, producers can test with the small CP01press that has got the same effect as our largest press, the CP20. The unique thing about the pilot facility is that the pressed juices can directly be treated with the mild pasteurization method PurePulse. This makes the juice safe because harmful bacteria are killed, but without loosing the healthy nutrients. It also gives the juice a couple of weeks shelf life, without loss of flavor.

We are proud to be able to help producers make the best decision with regards to their equipment. As a juice producer starting with cold pressing, it can be very hard to decide what equipment to buy as the ideal press technique may differ for each product. For example a screw press is best for leafy vegetables, while a hydraulic press is best for fruit and vegetables with lots of flesh. We invite you to come over to Wageningen and find out yourself what solution suits your products best.

Read more about the press principle of our ColdPress juice extraction equipment.

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