Cold brews, nut milk, infusions: Trends in fresh cold beverages

Did you notice that there’s a lot more to choose from than standard soda or lemonade in premium supermarkets and trendy bars? A lot of new beverages have been developed in the last few years. It is noteworthy that many of these new beverages are fresh or have a cold preparation process. That makes them easy to combine with the mild preservation method PurePulse. A selection of the latest trends in the field of beverages:

Cold brews – one of the coolest drinks currently is a cold brew. Ground coffee beans or tealeaves are soaked 14 to 18 hours in cold water with a temperature of 12 to 18°C. As a result, the taste is very pure. This cool coffee and tea is sweeter, lighter and more refreshing than ‘traditional’ iced coffee or tea.

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