PurePulse, the profitable alternative for HPP

Juices are classically treated with heat. The process called pasteurization – treatment between 80-100 °C – is more than 150 years old. Since 10 years two alternative treatments have emerged on the market: Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) and High Pressure Processing (HPP). Both technologies provide excellent tasty (raw) food products with extended shelf life. The results in terms of shelf life and taste are the same. But not for business. PEF is much more profitable! PurePulse, the newest generation of PEF treatment is therefore a very interesting alternative for HPP.

The PurePulse technology is a continuous flow that enables juice producers to treat high volumes at a much lower cost per liter than HPP. The multiple handling that HPP requires for these refrigerated foods is a cost disadvantage that can only be borne by high-margin products. PurePulse technology (PEF 2.0) can easily kill 5-6-log food pathogens and extend the shelf life to 4-6 weeks or more. The downside of PEF is that liquid products with particles cannot be cold pasteurized. A PEF treatment can also be done at elevated temperatures; the effect is partial spore-inactivation as well.

PurePulse finally makes it possible to apply mild preservation technique in a profitable manner, and on a large industrial relevant scale. HPP will probably remain the standard for small batches, tolling and specifically ‘solid’ food products like meat and ready-to-eat meals. But PurePulse will be the next standard in large continuous liquid food production.

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